Monday, 17 December 2018

6 Best Techniques For Bulk SMS Marketing in 2019

The major purpose of using Bulk SMS Services is reaching out to people & SMS Marketing provide you reach which is exactly what a business house needs. So make no mistake of not adding Bulk SMS to your campaign arsenal.

1. Customers sign up should be mandatory

Communicate and make a list of customers who have 'signed in' for bulk message service from your company.

2. Use an easy messaging format

The availability of characters in SMS Marketing is only 157 characters- which means you have to keep things specific & simple.

3. Use "call-to-action" 

Making "call-to-action" (CTA) in every sentence is another thing to do, for example: "Sign up today and receive 50 free sms.

4. Don't be a spam!

Never use irrelevant promotional text messages on personal phone numbers of customers. This will increase their trust in you.

5. Use a shortening service for links

Don't forget to use a link shortening service such as or Google's link shortener in your bulk sms campaigns.

6. Timing is important

It's important to pay attention when you send messages as most people open Text SMS messages immediately.


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